Monday, August 29, 2016

Chelan 2016 Recreational Release info page


2016 release dates: September 17th & 18th.

! Waiver to kayak !

For those new to the Chelan Gorge recreational release and all the returning sickos; a waiver must be completed and signed by each participant, 18 years or older. These waivers will be available to put-in, but if the PUD representative runs out of forms, you will not be allowed on the river. Preemptively completing the online reservation form helps not only the Chelan PUD, but also gives American Whitewater an early head count on how many participants are enroute the morning of the release. Below is the link for the reservation and waiver page on the Chelan PUD website.

If you do sign up for the release, but are unable to attend, please call or text me. The registration helps the PUD representatives know who is on the water and when everyone is out of the canyon.


Recreational users will no longer be allowed to use the large field at the put in as a camping spot. We have worn out our welcome at the horseshoe pits and I am looking into options. It’s recommended that you make prior camping arrangements, as in prior to Saturday morning. This is a small town and dirt-bagging can be very difficult in this part of Washington. All of the local campgrounds are county run and pay by the day. They are also small and tend to fill up very fast. Last year the Sheriff came by the put-in on Saturday morning, to remind us that we are not allowed to camp at the put-in. This could become a delicate situation and would look bad for American Whitewater if we do not respect the rights and wishes of this small town that is allowing us to come play in their backyard for a weekend. Please do not be “that person” this year. Make a plan and stick to it.

General info

The Chelan Gorge is awesome. If you haven't paddled it yet, I highly recommend making the journey. Tom O'keefe and American Whitewater worked very hard to secure our right to use this incredible piece of whitewater; showing up and being part of  the release reinforces to the local municipality, our need as whitewater enthusiasts for access to this remote canyon.

There is a lot of media out there showing each and every single line on this run. Check them out and get stoked, but know that this is indeed a difficult class V run with some serious consequence.  Pay your AW dues, know your limits,  have a buddy system, and bring an extra throw bag.
Hope to see you there!

Dan Patrinellis

Friday, July 8, 2016

PNW Guidebook Release + SeaGnar = SICKNESS

Paddling Pacific Northwest Whitewater: A Fresh Guide to Northwest Rivers and Creeks from Substantial Media House on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 14th kaykers will be getting together at TAB’s in Kenmore to celebrate and rub elbows. We will be celebrating the release of Nick’s new guidebook, “Paddling Pacific Northwest Whitewater” after a lot of hard work.

hinds + Nick Hinds - Amongst it on the SF Salmon patrinellis

SeaGnar will rear its grotesque head and the three previous year’s winning films will be shown.

SeaGnar 2013
SeaGnar 2014
SeaGnar 2015

Since I love carnage as much as I do; I’ve made another Beater Sessions video to get the stoke rolling and the booty-beers flowing.

There will be no video contest, no prizes and you will only need to endure minimal talking on my part. Come and and just watch kayak porn with your best friends and check out this sick new guidebook.

Hope to see as many of you out there as possible.

Thursday, July 14th @ 7pm
TAB’s in Kenmore
7211 NE 181st St, Kenmore, WA 98028

Here’s a little teaser for Beater Sessions Vol. 3.

Beater Sessions Vol. 3 Teaser from daniel patrinellis on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

10,500 cfs in Tumwater Canyon

I was playing around in Tumwater, minding my own business, when a crew of chargers came blasting through.

Sam Grafton, Ben Kinsella and Ben Marr completed top to bottom descents of Tumwater Canyon at 10,500 cfs. That's no joke.

I pulled the camera out while these guys ran Perfection of Whitewater and Last Exit.

Check it out.

10,500 cfs in Tumwater Canyon from daniel patrinellis on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Canada Day

"The Ashlu is running this weekend".

That's all the text from Brad said, but that's really all I needed to hear.

I met up with a bunch of engineers a little North of Seattle and we all piled into Mike Nash's beast of a van.

The drive never seems that far when you're sitting at your desk or packing up the truck to leave, but once you get on I5 and start heading North its a whole different thing.

We got to the border pretty quickly but getting through Vancouver was a little bit hairy... but that's another story for another day.

ashlu kayaking, ashlu mine, ashlu box canyon, mike nash, dagger mamba, zet kayaks

After a late night and a rough morning we started to assess our surroundings. We were not planning on meeting anyone until Sunday and there was enough water coming into the reservoir that the Mine was in.

While I had a few Ashlu Box laps under my belt, I had never paddled the Mine so I had to jump on that opportunity. We met a sicko paddler name Palo and Alicia drove up for the day as well. So we all piled into the van and started up the sketch-ball road that leads to the Mine put-in.


Palo's girlfriend is a saint and agreed to drive up with us to run our shuttle so all that was left was the short drive to the top and the potential case of tetanus from all the scrap metal you get to hike around.

A short hike through the woods deposits you at the very top of this thing:

When I asked Brad what level looked like he kind of shrugged and grinned. So who knows. I thought it was incredible! The Mine is a blast.

Some Devil's Club anyone?

All in all, a great weekend spent with some awesome people. Thanks to Brad and Palo for showing us noobs down the Mine.

Here are some of the highlights from the paddling sessions that weekend including the Mine, Mini Mine and the Box:

Canada Day on the Ashlu River from daniel patrinellis on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

SeaGnar 2015

The 2015 SeaGnar has come and gone. If you were able to make it out; thank you for supporting the event and hopefully you had a good time. Thank you to our awesome sponsors who made this event possible!

We started the evening off with two videos. The first is this awesome video by last year's SeaGnar winner: Mike Hagadorn

Mike gives us some awesome ariels and the boys up in Leavenworth show off some classic moves on Tumwater Canyon. Check it out!

Tumwater Canyon & Freefly Systems from Tom Potter on Vimeo.

We followed up with this year's version of the Chelan Gorge Experience. It took a long time to flesh this thing out so thanks for waiting. It was awesome to see so many new faces on the river this year.

Chelan Gorge - 2015 Release from daniel patrinellis on Vimeo.

From here Tom O'Keefe had a chance to talk about some of the important issues we have regarding our waterways here in the PNW. Ernie's Gorge is back in the spotlight as Black Canyon Hydro has filed its License Application for the Black Canyon Hydropower Project (FERC No. P-14110) on the North Fork Snoqualmie River. You can read more about this terrible idea here. There is also a renewed interest in putting a hydroelectric dam on the Skykomish river. Please keep an eye out on social media and on AW to see if there is anything you can do to help stop both of these projects in their tracks.

This year Christian Knight took home the win with this awesome video about why it's important to get your kids out in nature. A great film from a great kayaker and father. Check it out:

Why we teach you from Christian Knight on Vimeo.

The people voted and Christian crushed the competition and took home a new Maximus Prime life Jacket from Kokatat.

Come on down and claim your prize!

Great work Christian, looking forward to more of your videos.

The next five videos were all entered and although awesome, didn't hold up to the charm that Christian's video contained.

Here is Megan Kelly's video: America's Sweetheart.

America'sSweetheart from Megan Kelly on Vimeo.

Next is Andy Lockey's entry: Ridiculous. Andy came in at second place and took home a brand new rand sprayskirt from Snap Dragon.

Andy may have also just started a new tradition for SeaGnar. Second place booty beer?

Now we have another Chelan video with some cool editing. Cooper Fitch's Chelanigans 2k15.

Chelanigans 2k15 from Broken Paddle Productions on Vimeo.

Ellie Wheat gave us this awesome video about the all girls trip down to Ecuador.

Ecuador - Ellie Wheat from SeaGnar Film Fest on Vimeo.

And Dave Fusilli takes us on a ride down all the Hood River classics in the new 9R.

9R Cascade - Dave Fusilli from SeaGnar Film Fest on Vimeo.

Honorable mention!

These videos were all either submitted a little too late or we just didn't have time for them at the event. Either way, please do not be discouraged and try again next year! Thank you for entering the contest and I'm looking forward to next year's contributions.

Brett Barton with Bridge Creek in the North Cascades.

Bridge Creek in the N Cascades from Creek Sides on Vimeo.

Nick Baughman with his take on the Chelan adventure.

Chelan Gorge 2015 Whitewater Kayaking from Nick Baughman on Vimeo.

Mike Smith with his video: 2015 PNW Classics.

Chris Haenisch submitted: Calawah & Sitkum Double Header. Some great pack-rafting in here.

And that's all she wrote!

An event like this is not possible unless a lot of people help, so a lot of thanks are in order: Thank you to Snap Dragon, Teamscum and Kokatat for providing prizes for our contestants. Thank you to Silver City and Dave Fusilli for providing the beer to keep the masses hydrated and stoked. Thank you to Tom O'Keefe for all the hard work you do to make sure that we have access to these amazing waterways. Thank you to Dan at Cascade Paddlesports for lending us his space and his patience for the event. And thank you Sara for being awesome and all the support you provide.

And thank you to everyone that chipped in for the American Whitewater donation. We raised over $600 for an amazing organization.

Until next year.